What If Your Website Worked to Bring in New Clients…

Imagine a steady stream of new clients coming into your business because of your website. Wouldn’t that be great? It’s probably what you wanted all along, since the day your website was first published.

The reality is that you don’t get the number of clients you could, because something is wrong with your website or internet presence.

Often the problem starts with a lack of online visibility. People cannot find your business when they are searching for someone to solve their problem. And if your business offers a solution to the searcher’s problem, that’s exactly when you want to be found!

The Problem With Traditional SEO

Maybe you have already paid someone for search engine optimization. Or you might have considered learning how to do search engine optimization yourself or assigning the task to someone on your staff.

Regardless, the problem is that the environment keeps changing. What worked 2 years ago might not work anymore. And yet, still today, people talk about embedding keywords into their website even though big G announced in 2009 that they do not use meta keywords for ranking.

search engines - black listed

And so‐called experts are taking words they think are important and stuffing them into parts of the website that will get their clients’ pages demoted or even blacklisted from the search results. They do this because they learned a trick that used to work a long time ago. It’s crazy! You can still find brand new websites that use old SEO tricks.

Another problem for some websites is that the basic requirements of search engine optimization have been missed or ignored. This often happens when a business assumes their web developers will optimize the site. Sometimes the developers make the attempt, but they are rushed or don’t really understand what needs to be done. So it’s not done correctly.

No wonder so many business websites don’t show up at the right time!

Our website wasn’t producing the type of search engine results we needed to keep a consistent flow of new customers to our dance studio. Upon investigation we found that our page rankings were below other smaller studios in the Waukesha area.

After three months of working with Jeffrey Kirk, the dance studio saw a significant improvement in search page rankings and we have already taken numerous calls from new customers looking for information on our upcoming programs.”

Kate Moody, Owner, Liberty Dance Center, LLC

There are some actions that must be taken to tell the search engines what your website is about and, at the same time, help entice searchers to click when they see your listing in the search results.

Unfortunately, many search engine optimization companies rely on “rules of thumb” to get results. And you know this is true because often the SEO companies cannot, or will not, explain the benefits of the actions they took, and so their reporting is either weak or confusing. If they give you little information, then you won’t know what is happening. If they overwhelm you with information, you assume they’re doing something, but you cannot really tell because the information is too technical.

The use of “rules of thumb” and poor reporting contributes to most businesses not understanding what they get when they pay for SEO. They get a bill, and they keep paying month after month, but they do not really see how this helps, and yet they are afraid to stop.

The Reality of Being Found Online

The reality is that getting your business to show up in the search results for your ideal prospects searching for what you have to offer, is not easy.

Every business is different so up‐front research is required, and most people don’t like taking the time to do research. Planning is required, and most people prefer to wing it or follow “rules of thumb,” rather than strategizing to put together a plan.

The thing is, we have been helping businesses online since 1995, that’s 23 years! To put that into the context of internet‐years, most people you know did not know anything about the internet back in 1995. The closest they came at that time was installing some free software that arrived in their mailbox on a floppy disk or CD, and they thought it was pretty awesome when it said, “you’ve got mail.”

How to Show Up on the First Page of Search Results

With all these years of experience, helping hundreds of businesses, we have put together a system that works better and faster than traditional SEO. It’s called the Authority Visibility System™.

The Authority Visibility System is perfect if you want your business to be found in your local market, and it’s perfect if your business needs a nationwide impact.

If you have a business that serves a local audience, our process can help your business get to the top of the search results and into the area with the map, the part of the search results that we call the Money Zone™. We call it the Money Zone because only 3 businesses get featured there, and the display in the search results is very prominent. It comes with website link, address, phone number, and even navigation if the searcher is on a smart phone.

If you have a business that desires national attention, we can get that impact because we use our relationships with various media to make a splash around the country. We can get popular media coast‐to‐coast saying good things about your business and linking to your business, raising your credibility and visibility to bring more quality traffic to your website.

Not sure if the Authority Visibility System would work for you? Go ahead and request some free research. Fill out a brief application, and we’ll do the research for you! We’ll take a look at your business online to see if you are a good candidate. If you are, we’ll put the data into a report and share our findings with you. If you’re not, we’ll let you know, and make some alternate suggestions.

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