site: operator in Google search

Use the SITE: Operator as a Website Tool

[Do you like this? Please share it for me. Thanks!] Video Transcript Hi, I’m Jeffrey Kirk. Have you ever used the site: operator in a Google search? I use it often, especially when I need to look at how client websites are performing in search results. Some of the things you can learn by using…

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how to share google analytics data

Here’s How To Share Google Analytics Data

Video Summary Recently a client asked me a question about Google Analytics. He said, “I know that the business owner has Google Analytics for our website, but does that mean that I cannot track the analytics from my Google account?” You see, the owner of this business delegated the responsibility for monitoring analytics to someone…

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How Did Your Website End Up Like This?

Video Summary In this brief video, Larry Cockerel interviews Jeffrey Kirk about one of the points in Jeff’s book, Dominate The Top – Simple Website Fixes To Rise In The Search Results And Crush Your Competition. Larry is a sales trainer and motivational speaker. Jeff has had the opportunity to speak at some of Larry’s…

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eliminate ghost visits

Stop Google Analytics Ghost Visits

Video Summary About a month ago I showed you an analytics report that had bad referral data in it. (Here’s a link to that post if you haven’t see it… Does Your SEO Company Suck?) Then a couple weeks ago I showed you how to eliminate referral spam. Now, in this video, I am going…

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clsid scam - windows tech support scam

CLSID Windows Tech Support Scam

Video Summary Spread the word, and let’s all help stop this scam! First, you have to know that CLSID 888DCA60-FC0A-11CF-8F0F-00C04FD7D062 is not unique to your computer. This video is a little bit different from my usual offerings. Rather than providing some training, I want to help you avoid being taken in by an ongoing scam.…

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your contact database is your business

Your Contact Database IS Your Business

Video Summary: If you pay attention to the words used in internet marketing circles, you are bound to hear the phrase, “the money is in the list.” This is supposed to mean that the bigger your email mailing list, the more potential earnings you have available to you. So they say, build your list and…

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eliminate referral spam

Get Rid of Google Analytics Referral Spam

Video Summary: A couple weeks ago I showed you an analytics report that had bad referral data in it. Here’s a link to that post if you haven’t see it… ==> In today’s video, I show you how to eliminate that exact referral spam so that you can clean up your Google analytics data. What…

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how to keep visitors on your website 600x314

How To Keep Visitors On Your Website

Video Summary: In my book, Dominate The Top, I present the 7 components of an effective website. The third component helps keep new visitors on your website, reducing the site’s bounce rate, and improving the chance of the visitor engaging with your business. It addresses the 3 questions that visitors to your website have, when…

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does your SEO company suck?

Does Your SEO Company Suck?

Video Summary: I recently received a message from a friend asking if I would do a quick review of the report he received from his web and SEO company. I decided to show you this because it’s a real-life view of something quite typical in the world of SEO service providers. These kinds of companies…

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2016-02-16-three quality tests-700x400

Three Text Quality Tests For Your Website

Video Summary: Keywords built into the pages of your website are important. But you cannot simply add keywords for search engine optimization. You must consider the words of your website as they relate to the human experience. Human Experience Optimization is critically important. That’s because the presence of keywords is OK, but the quality of…

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