So you have a website? Are you getting the visibility you need? Can people find your website when they are looking? Or more importantly, will your hot prospects find your website when they are ready to spend their money on the products or services that you offer?

When you understand some of the different ways to get exposure for your site, it becomes much easier to be seen. While there are a number of good ways to improve your visibility and rankings in the search results, one thing that helps is good search engine optimization (SEO). That’s a process that helps the search engines better understand your site so that they know when to show your business in the search results.

The problem is that most businesses never get that far. They start out with the assumption that they need a website that looks good. In the process, they often skip some of the critical SEO elements.

Unfortunately, timing matters. Every day that goes by with a website that is not properly optimized is another day with lost opportunities. This means that potential customers are turning to your competitors when you could have fulfilled their needs just as well or even better!

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Changing SEO Algorithms

Google has made it a point to constantly change their search engine algorithm. This isn’t to frustrate website owners, or force you to hire SEO professionals, rather they do this to help users get the most relevant search results.

But because the algorithms change, it does mean you cannot fall back on rules‐of‐thumb that are years old. It’s shocking how many times I see a website that attempts to trick Google into giving a higher position. Some of these things worked 10 or more years ago, but now they can get your site removed from the search results altogether.

Clearly, that would be counter‐productive. However, participation in good SEO practices can boost your online results.

These days, three of the major components of an SEO campaign are meaningful content, social media management, and getting quality links to your site from other sites. With these three components, in conjunction with a number of other smart SEO techniques, you can find your website moving up to the top of the results page.

As I was contemplating putting some great information together for you on this subject, I found a nice SEO infographic from MyTasker. The following image shows some solid advice to help you put some focus into your SEO activities…

The SEO Techniques and Strategies Infographic

So you want to show up in the search results to get more leads online…

What Are Your Next Steps?

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